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How To Tell If Your Car Is Out Of Alignment

Car Alignment

Alas, we’ve discovered one of the only vehicle maintenance issues that has no dashboard warning light, and it’s one of the most important. Alignment, or in other words, the adjusting of your car’s suspension, helps angle your tires so that your ride is smooth and safe. Veering left or right is but one of many signs that your car has fallen out of proper alignment. However, the reasons why your car is drifting to one side may have to do with a number of factors. Let’s discuss the main signs that indicate misalignment, and what to do if we discover our car needs wheel alignment services.

Signs Of Misalignment

One of the more critical symptoms of misalignment would be a vibrating steering wheel.Wheel Alignment ServicesThe reason why this sign may indicate a more serious issue is that if your wheel was installed incorrectly, you may feel such a vibration. If this is a realignment issue, that means your tires are pulling in opposite directions. If it’s an issue solely with tire vibration, contact Jiffy Lube for wheel alignment services immediately.

The top (and most apparent) indicator of misalignment has to be slowly driving toward the left or the right, against the will of the steering wheel. If your vehicle drifts to one side while the steering wheel is totally straight, check your tire’s air pressure. If the air pressure isn’t the issue, it’s time for a car realignment service.

Lastly, the most common reason that machines will develop poor car alignment is uneven tire wear. Visually, you can take a look at the amount of wear per tire in order to see if there’s a case of uneven wear. For drivers who brave harsher elements consistently, the potential for uneven wear is heavily increased. Squeaking may also occur as a symptom of unevenly worn tires. During your next round of Jiffy Lube services, ask your specialist to check the treads on your tires to be sure they are declining at an even pace.

Why it Matters

Like many components of the car, maintaining one area of your vehicle almost always Jiffy Lube Servicesaffects another area, preventing problems in the future. This is true with wheel alignment services. With correct car alignment, your tires will experience even wear which helps keep their lifespan at a steady rate of decline. Without car alignment, your car may think it needs more fuel than it actually does, so depending on how much alignment you need, you could be losing a ton of money due to fuel inefficiency. Beyond all, realigning your vehicle with Jiffy Lube services like suspension, wheel alignment services, or drivetrain inspections assures a smooth, comfortable ride.

Before contacting your local shop to schedule Jiffy Lube Services, if the alignment issues aren’t severe, you may want to remedy the situation yourself with a few tips. Firstly, ensure that your wheels have even air pressure. Second, remove any heavy materials from your trunk or backseat that may be weighing down the vehicle’s suspension. If these steps make a difference, then you may be able to hold off a bit longer before going for a realignment service.


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